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Nicole Eldridge Marcus, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

A Family Therapy Practice

                                Specializing in



                                                                                               Young Adults

                                                                                                                         and Parents

Promoting Healthy Emotional Development by

Improving Communication within the Family

Coping with Separation, Divorce, Remarriage, Stepfamilies and Adoption

Cultivating Positive and Empowered Parenting

Treating Depression, Fears and Anxiety,

Low Self-Esteem, Anger and Perfectionism 

Learning to Manage Stress

Creating a Healthy Relationship with

Food, Mind and Body

Thriving with Autism,        

Developmental Disabilities,    

Attention Deficit Disorder         

and Learning Disabilities        

Exploring Gender Identity

and Sexual Orientation Issues

Transitioning to High School,      

 College and Career        

Overcoming School-Related Challenges

            and Friendship Difficulties

Contending with Serious Medical Problems, Dying

and Bereavement within the Family